Leading protection in the Air

Ceramic Pro protects aircraft from extreme climates and contamination. With multiple layers and the right maintenance Ceramic Pro will prevent rain erosion, sky drawl and icing. Once applied it will also reduce drag and therefore fuel consumption.

Permanent Ceramic Coating

Improves Aerodynamics

Prevents Rain Erosion

Protects from UV


High Gloss Effect

Easy to Clean


Ceramic Pro partners with expert applicators to deliver a cutting-edge protection solution in the air.

Please contact a NANOSHINE GROUP technician with inquiries on proper use and/or application. Onsite or offsite training courses are available for further instructions. Consult your MSDS information sheets for proper handling, disposal, and precautions while using this product.



Personal aircrafts are a huge investment. Aircrafts face all kinds of extreme conditions, from frost and icing, to rain erosion and UV damage, not to mention, hydraulic fluids and exhaust and carbon buildup. In order to maintain the appearance and value of your aircraft, while also increasing fuel efficiency, you need to make sure you use top-of-the-line protection. With Ceramic Pro protecting your aircraft, it will be shielded against harmful environmental elements for years to come. The need for chemicals and detergents usually needed to clean your aircraft will also be significantly reduced because the protective coating prevents dirt and other unwanted matter from sticking to painted surfaces.


One of the most common ways to damage a drone is to get it wet. By applying Ceramic Pro’s protective coating your drone will be able to fly over water, and through rain and snow with no problems.


The unique thermal, mechanical, and UV stresses that come with flying take their toll on helicopter’s paint and ultimately lead to paint oxidation. This process happens over a long period of time and is not always easy to notice. But gradually your aircraft looses its glossy shine and the dull finish becomes the new normal. Once Ceramic Pro is applied, oxidation can be removed and the gloss and colour is rejuvenated.