Become Our Partner – Certified Applicator

Nanoshine Limited has engineered products to protect any type of surface. Our company manufactures products for personal use and also permanent protective products for professional use, which are highly potent products. Our permanent products can be only applied by a Certified Applicator.


When you become a Ceramic Pro Certified Applicator we take you through our streamlined program to ensure that all the applications meet health and safety requirements, correct product use to make sure the product adhere correctly and cure properly.  We’ll help you every step of the way!

Our program includes:

Training for all skill levels from beginners to advanced levels

Training courses here at our Ceramic Pro showroom or we can come to you

Providing you with the list of equipment you'll need to apply Ceramic Pro, so you can set up your work space, whether it's in a shop or mobile

Helping you create a list of services and rates

Providing you with sales and marketing material you can create brochures or use on your web site and in social media

Offering our ongoing support when you need it, whether it's getting new team members trained or helping you troubleshoot issues

Easy online ordering and fast shipping when you need more products

Access to experienced installers to see how they approach each install, how they apply it, what equipment they use and how they troubleshoot issues

We work with your budget

You can start small with enough product for one or two applications or if you’re already lining up customers you can go big with enough product to cover several jobs. We offer easy financing options to help you make a big splash with Ceramic Pro from the start.

How to get started

You probably have a lot of questions and we have the answers you need. We look forward to talking with you!


• Fill out our contact form so we can email or call you back
• Call or text our rep, Eddie, directly at 021 908 640
• Email us at [email protected]


Contact us to let us know you'd like to get certified and provide us with a copy of your business license and business liability insurance carrier and policy number

Take the training course either here at our Ceramic Pro Showroom or we can come to you

Let us know once you've completed first three applications and we'll submit your installer application for certification. You'll receive a certificate you can show on your site and you'll be added to our list of installers.

You probably have a lot of questions and we have the answers you need.
We look forward to talking with you!