Marine coatings

Marine coatings

When it comes to first-class marine coatings, you can’t overlook Ceramic Pro. Our elite coating technology provides:

  • Increased speed and acceleration
  • Easier hull-cleaning and maintenance
  • Increased full economy

As your answer for marine coating, Ceramic Pro provides your boat with protection both above and below the water. Our advanced coating technology is developed to protect against the corrosion that can occur due to sea salt and to prevent fouling on the hull caused by the accumulation of shells and algae. Not only has that, but Ceramic Pro’s superior coating also repels harsh underwater elements, making any future cleaning much easier.

Using advanced nano-technology, Ceramic Pro has developed a product that not only provides you with a superior protective coating, but also improves your vessel’s performance. It is this feature that makes our coating unique from other products, as when applied to the hull it contains the ability to reduce drag, increasing speed and reducing fuel usage.

As your comprehensive solution for marine protection, once you apply Ceramic Pro to the surface of your vessel, you will no longer have need for any other waxes or protective products. When applied and cured, our technology transforms itself on the surface becoming a rigid, super-slick glass shield, bonding to and protecting the surface beneath.

Of course, when it comes to marine vessels, one of the key elements to offer protection against is the harmful rays of the sun. That is why our protective coating contains technology that provides superior UV protection, preventing the fading and aging of your vessel’s paintwork, retaining its brand-new feel and look for years to come.

Ceramic Pro’s protective coating not only keeps your vessel in good shape, but it is designed to last. We have such faith in the durability of our product that we offer a minimum 3-year guarantee for any coating above the waterline and a 1-year guarantee for that applied below the waterline, provided the coating is maintained accordingly.

Our advanced nano-ceramic technology also contains self-cleaning attributes, as once it has been applied and cured, water simply rolls off the surface, taking any dirt and grime with it. This hydrophobic feature creates a consistent anti-stick factor that also makes it easy to clean away any gunk or other contaminants without the need for hard scrubbing. Of course, this means that your vessel is naturally kept cleaner for longer which reduces the occurrence of any erosion.

With Ceramic Pro’s expert coating technology protecting your vessel, you can not only rest easy knowing that your boat has been covered in the best protective coating the industry has to offer, but you can also enjoy unprecedented levels of shine and colour that will have your vessel standing out from the crowd.

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